Puckelball, Malmö


Puckelball, Malmö

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This is the title of an interactive art project from 2002 created by the artist Johan Ferner Ström.

The piece is an artistic impression of the phenomenon football and how it resembles the playground of life which is neither equilateral nor level. The ball doesn?t go where you want, the different halves of the filed are not the same for everybody and the goals are definitely not the same size. The football field?s injustices, are negated by the varying skills and strengths of the players. The unevenness on the field of play make the game fair in a remarkable way which invites a more imaginative way to play. The possibility to play, girls and boys, old and young, skilled against unskilled, on equal condition are encouraged.

The project belongs to the category of art, spontaneous sport and wants to return to the playful game and question the elitism that exist in sport. J.F. Ström has taken the most popular of popular sport and through simple changes in the playing conditions, created a new idea of a game, or a new kind of football where one does not have to be the best to win, because the elements of serendipity and luck is constantly present in play.

The Puckelball field was established 2003 and are design protected since 2004.

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