7:11AM 11.20.1979 79°55'W 40°27'N, Pittsburgh


7:11AM 11.20.1979 79°55

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7:11AM 11.20.1979 79°55'W 40°27'N is a landmark public sculpture in light by Janet Zweig sited in Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

This piece depicts stars and planets (150 in all) at the lawn-level of the garden, matching the exact sky over Pittsburgh at the 1979 birth Ann Katharine Seamans (1979-1999), whom the installation memorializes. The title indicates that specific time, date, longitude, and latitude. Seamans was the daughter of Elizabeth Nadas Seamans, a filmmaker and script writer best known for her collaboration with Fred Rogers on Mister Rogers? Neighborhood, on which she appears as Mrs. McFeely.

The sculpture was dedicated in June 2010.

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